Publications of RKG Menon

A. Research articles

Menon, R. K. G. (1982) Observations of cheetal at Guindy National Park, Madras. Cheetal 24(1-2): 37-40.

Kurup, G. U. & Menon, R. K. G. (1989) Behaviour of blackbuck, Antilope cervicapra cervicapra (Linnaeus), during solar eclipse of 1980. Records of the Zoological Survey of India 85(4): 539-546.

Rajaram, A. & Menon, R. K. G. (1986) A scanning electron microscope study of the hair keratins of some animals of the Indian subcontinent—a preliminary report. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 83(2): 427-429.

Menon, R. K. G. (1987) The hunting dogs and the deer population at Guindy National Park. Blackbuck 3(2): 13-15.

Santharam, V. & Menon, R. K. G. 1991. Some observations on the water-bird populations of the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary. Newsletter for Birdwatchers 31(11&12): 6-8.

Menon, R. K. G. (1993) The status of blackbuck in Guindy National Park. Blackbuck 9(1): 18-21.

Raman, T. R. S., Menon, R. K. G. & Sukumar, R. (1995) Decline of blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) in an insular nature reserve—Guindy National Park. Current Science 68(6): 578-580.

Raman, T. R. S., Menon, R. K. G. & Sukumar, R. (1996) Ecology and management of chital and blackbuck in Guindy National Park, Madras. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 93(2): 178-192.

B. General articles

Menon, R. K. G. (2008) The tusker. Blackbuck 24: 32-32.

Menon, R. K. G. (2005) More jungle memories. Blackbuck 21: 12-18.

Menon, R. K. G. (2003-4) Jungle memories. Blackbuck 19-20: 7-13.

Menon, R. K. (2000) The quintessential antelope—life of the blackbuck. Resonance—Journal of Science Education 5(11): 69-79.

Menon, R. K. G. (1998) How I became an honorary crow. Blackbuck 14(3): 6-7 [OR] Eco News 4(3): 6-7.

Menon, R. K. G. (1998) Another elephant encounter. Blackbuck 14(1): 18-20.

Menon, R. K. G. (1998) Giant reptiles. Eco News 3(4): 12-13.

Menon, R. K. G. (1997) The Suligiri maneater. Blackbuck 13(3&4): 58-62.

Menon, R. K. G. (1996) Another sambhar story. Blackbuck 12(4): 109-111.

Menon, R. K. G. (1994) A sambhar story. Blackbuck 10(3&4): 71-74.

Menon, R. K. G. (1993) Elephant vocalizations. Blackbuck 9(3&4): 81-82.

Menon, R. K. G. (1992) Summer leaves. Blackbuck 8(1): 11-13.

Menon, R. K. G. (1991) Cannibalism. Blackbuck 7(2): 40-41.

Menon, R. K. G. (1990) Crop-raiding elephants of Andhra Pradesh. Blackbuck 6(2): 7-9.

Menon, R. K. G. (1989) Finders are not always keepers. Blackbuck 5(4): 13-15.

Menon, R. K. G. (1986) An elephantine encounter. Blackbuck 2(4): 12-13.

Menon, R. K. G. (1986) Predator response in blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra). Blackbuck 2(3): 3-7.

Menon, R. K. G. (1986) The Guindy National Park: its history and physiogeography. Blackbuck 2(1): 14-21.

Menon, R. K. (1980) Nature: not red in tooth and claw. Madras Naturalists’ Society Bulletin 2(6): June.

Cutlet (1979) A rare raptor. Madras Naturalists’ Society Bulletin 1(12): November.

Cutlet (1979) Top Slip 1(8): July.

Cutlet [R. K. Menon] (1979) Pelicanry discovered. Madras Naturalists’ Society Bulletin 1(7): June.

Menon, R. K. (1980) Behaviour of the Yellow-wattled lapwing. Madras Naturalists’ Society Bulletin 2(5): May.

Cutlet [R. K. Menon] (1979) Peculiar feeding behaviour of the Indian Roller. Madras Naturalists’ Society Bulletin 1(3): February.

Menon, R. K. (1979) Blackbuck in Pt. Calimere. Madras Naturalists’ Society Bulletin 1(2): January

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